3D Touch – module iPhone 8 will become one and a half times more expensive than its predecessors

Users around the world are expecting Apple to switch to OLED, the display in iPhone 8, due out this year.

iPhone - 8-Function-Area

This move also means a completely redesigned touchpad 3D Touch. According to a Chinese daily, the new module 3D Touch in the upcoming iPhone 8 will be 1.5 times more expensive than its counterparts in current models.

Economic Daily News reports that TPK Holding estimates the cost of a new touch panel 3D Touch for iPhone 8 in the range of $ 18-22, and the company Apple agreed with this at a price. In comparison, the cost of a module 3D Touch in current models iPhone with a display LCD is between $ 7 and $ 9. The increased cost of the module is explained by the fact that the integration of the touch panel 3D Touch to OLED – the display is a complex technological process that requires the imposition of protective layers on both sides of the screen before installing the panel 3D Touch. This in itself leads to an increase in the cost of all production processes by at least 50 percent.

Manufacturers of touch panels 3D Touch in the current models are asking for their work from 7 to 9 dollars per mobile device. In this solution, the sensor 3D Touch is placed directly on the LCD of the device. At the same time, in the new design iPhone to install the sensor 3D Touch on OLED – the panel requires the use of protective glasses on both sides of the fragile OLED – the panel in order to strengthen the latter.

TPK Holding has already officially certified the technological process of installing the touch panel 3D Touch in the OLED – screen. It is assumed that this particular manufacturer will become the favorite Apple, having received most of the orders.

The cost of the model iPhone 8 with OLED – screen is expected to exceed the $ 1,000 mark due to the use of more expensive components by the company Apple. In addition to the touchpad 3D Touch, this includes a revolutionary 3D front camera and an in-display Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The cost of manufacturing these new internal components is very high, which in turn significantly increases the final cost of producing a unit OLED – variant iPhone 8.

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