With key technology iPhone X new MacBook will be faster than ever

One of the innovations iPhone X is usually not talked about, although it was she who made it possible to put a frameless display in a 4.7-inch case iPhone. This also contributed to the addition of new functions without sacrificing battery capacity.


The motherboard of iPhone X is even smaller than that of iPhone 8, giving the smartphone extra space that was used for the battery. The flexible PCB is made of Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), which allows faster data transfer between different chips. The insider reports that this technology will be used in other devices Apple, including Apple Watch and even MacBook.

With key technology iPhone X new MacBook will be faster than ever

Analyst Min-Chi Kuo noted that Apple is already working with Career on MacBook with LCP boards. Note that Career is the primary supplier of FPCBs (User Programmable Circuit Boards) for MacBook. If this information is correct, then Apple will be able to downsize the motherboards in MacBook, Air and Pro. The freed up space can be used for an enlarged battery or additional ports.

As for Apple Watch, according to Kuo, they will use an antenna from the LCP (for LTE versions). Negotiations are also underway to manufacture other elements from this material Apple Watch.

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