How to see the battery percentage at Apple Watch in night mode

Regardless of how you charge your Apple Watch (via cable or dock), if you do it with night mode, the display shows a charging indicator with a green lightning. The icon gradually turns from red to green to visually indicate the charging status, but it is difficult to tell from it how charged the battery is. Below we will show you how to display the charging percentage instead of the lightning bolt icon.

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Night mode for Apple Watch

When the watch is charged lying horizontally, it activates night mode, in which the time is displayed on the watch, the Digital Crown turns into a button that allows the alarm to be set aside for 9 minutes, and the side button turns into an alarm off button.

In night mode, the screen displays the following:

  • Current date and time.
  • Current charging status.
  • Your alarms.

You can enable night mode on the watch itself in Settings → General → Night mode.

Night Mode was introduced with watchOS 2 in 2015. Night mode support in vertical mode was introduced with watchOS 4.3 in March 2018.

Now let's move on to the lightning charging indicator. The indicator is useful, but it is not very accurate and it is difficult to determine the exact percentage of charge from it. Fortunately, this can be fixed.

How to display charge percentage on Apple Watch

To switch the lightning icon to battery percentage, simply tap it. If you touch the icon again, you will see lightning again.

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You can also use yours Apple Watch during night mode by placing them face up on a flat surface and pressing the Digital Crown or the side button.

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