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Apple - Watch - Jailbreak

A week ago Apple released Apple Watch. Just like with previous releases of new gadgets Apple, many are already talking about the possibility of jailbreak Apple Watch. So why do we need a jailbreak Apple Watch? Here are some reasons:

Personalized Watch Faces

Apple Watch comes with a pretty good set of Watch Faces. However, this set is too limited. With the advent of the jailbreak Apple Watch, it will be possible to install and use customized Watch Faces.

apple watch jailbreak

Native apps

Currently, most third-party apps Apple Watch have extensions or add-ons for core apps iPhone. These apps do not work or function on the watch itself without syncing with iPhone. Because of this, the performance of these apps on the watch may be slow and limited in use.

By having the ability to install applications from Cydia, developers will be able to solve the problem of speed and other useful features, such as the ability to listen to podcasts without having to sync with iPhone.

Tweaks to increase battery life

Apple provided some options for improving battery life Apple Watch, namely Reserve power mode. However, Power Reserve mode can be a little awkward. With the jailbreak Apple Watch, we could have runtime tweaks Apple Watch that would allow us to disable certain standard features.

Custom themes

Having your own Watch Faces is great, but why not completely change the look? If it becomes possible to jailbreak Apple Watch, it is likely that we will be able to install custom themes similar to the themes from Winterboard.

Customization of notifications

The clock Apple has individual elements that the user can add or change at will. These elements display specific information such as date, weather, moon phases, timer, stopwatch, world time, and more. It's safe to say that Cydia developers can use their creativity and add a lot of interesting things to these notifications.

At the time of this writing, there is no jailbreak for iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4. Thus, we can only assume that the jailbreak Apple Watch will not be released anytime soon. But who knows? There are quite a few people showing interest in jailbreak Apple Watch.

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