WatchOS 4.1 GM update leaked online

Now Apple is releasing watchOS 4.1 beta, which will be the next big update for smartwatches.


We already know that watchOS 4.1 will be able to stream Apple Music and content from iCloud without a tied phone nearby, and the official postscript to watchOS 4.1 Golden Master has confirmed this once again.

watchOS 4.1 GM release notes

– Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) October 25, 2017

The image was posted by developer Guillermo Rambo on his Twitter. By this time, almost all the information about the next update is known, including support for GymKit, a new feature that was presented along with Apple Watch Series 3.

Here are all the changes:

  • Listen to music on Apple Watch Series 3 using Apple Music or iCloud.
  • Listen to Beats 1 and others in the Radio app on Apple Watch Series 3.
  • Use Siri to find, recognize and include songs, playlists and albums.
  • Synchronize your activity data with GymKit: Treadmill, elliptical and stationary exercises and steps are now tracked more accurately.
  • Ability to disconnect from Wi-Fi networks at Control Center Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular).
  • Fixed issue Apple Watch Series 1 with heart rate change notifications when option is disabled.
  • Fixed issue with reminders.
  • Fixed a problem with the lack of vibration of the alarm in silent mode.
  • Fixed a bug due to which some Apple Watch (1st generation) did not charge.
  • Fixed issue with missing sunrise / sunset times.
  • Mandarin Chinese is the default in China again.

Although the Golden Master version should correspond to the final one, something else can be changed, removed or added before the public release of watchOS 4.1. This postscript also mentions new features, but the main task of the update will be to fix watchOS 4 errors.

What is missing from the GM description is Apple Pay Cash. It was rumored that the feature would be released at the end of October alongside watchOS 4.1, but this appears not to be the case. At least the postscript says nothing about it. If Apple Pay Cash had been mentioned in watchOS 4.1, the feature would have appeared in iOS 11.1. It looks like we won't see her in these updates.

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