WatchOS 2 Delayed Due to Critical Error

The owners Apple Watch were looking forward to today: in particular, due to the release of the new watchOS 2 firmware.

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The updated platform from Apple should bring support for third-party applications and many new features. The planned release date for watchOS 2 was set on September 16, along with the release of the final version iOS 9, but according to the information that has appeared, the release will not take place.

According to tech columnist Ed Baig, the company Apple found the bug a few hours before the watchOS 2 release. Unfortunately, the twitter message contains additional information about the error:

BREAKING: Apple found a bug in WatchOS2 and is NOT releasing the software today as planned. More details coming.

– Ed Baig (@edbaig) September 16, 2015

However, a company spokesman Apple told TechCrunch that the company did find a bug in the new software, and as a result, will not be released to the public on September 16. The spokesman added that they plan to release the update “soon”, but no specific dates have been provided.

“We have discovered a bug in watchOS 2 that will take a little longer than we expected to fix,” a company spokesman said Apple. “We won't be releasing watchOS 2 today, but will be coming soon.”

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