Vitality Insurance is giving away free Apple Watch Series 3 to its customers

Insurance company John Hancock recently announced that it will be offering Apple Watch Series 3 to its customers at a huge discount to motivate them to be proactive.

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Now the British company Vitality Insurance is doing the same. The insurance company today said it will offer the Watch Series 3 to customers either for free or for £ 59. Clients must participate in the VitalityHealth or VitalifeLife program and live a healthy lifestyle for two years.

To avoid paying for Apple Watch Series 3 monthly, customers will need to earn Activity Points. They can be earned for walking, running, cycling and other exercises. How many points a person earns will determine the cost of Apple Watch Series 3. If it is 160 points or more, then you do not need to pay for the watch at all.

Vitality Insurance is giving away free Apple Watch Series 3 to its customers

But if it's only 39 points per month, then you have to pay £ 12.50 per month. Vitality Insurance has its own application that monitors customer activity and calculates points. It can be synced with the Health app from Apple.

Vitality Insurance will begin offering both Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE support in the near future and Apple Watch Series 3 Nike +.

Program participants must be 18 years of age or older as the process involves applying for a loan. Also, customers are not allowed to sell Apple Watch.

Insurance companies are increasingly using health-related devices in their programs and Apple Watch is one of the most popular options.

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