Upgrading to Apple Watch Series 4 Pros and Cons

The fourth generation Apple Watch finally got a new design. At the same time, all aspects that have made Series 3 so popular have been improved and refined. But is this enough to pay more than 30 thousand rubles for a watch?


Should you upgrade from Series 1 to Series 4?

If you have the very first model Apple Watch, then buying the fourth generation will fundamentally change the way you think about this device. There are a lot of improvements in Series 4: support for GPS, battery for 18 hours, support for SIM cards (but not in Russia), ~ 25% larger screen, new design, heart rate sensor, etc. All in all, in this case, buying a new model is definitely worth the money.


In addition, Apple Watch Series1 is resistant to moisture and splashes, but it is recommended to dive with them in water. Series2 and Series3, however, do not need to be filmed at shallow depths, such as swimming in a pool or at sea. So if you regularly train in the pool, you should definitely upgrade to a more current model.

Should you upgrade from Series 2 to Series 4?

The Series 1 and Series 2 use the same processor, and both are two years old. So if you want to see a significant difference in speed and performance, the Series 4 is a great idea. There will be fewer new features. For example, Series 2 already had GPS, unlike Series 1.

Series 4 is also an investment for the future. Just as Series 2 has been around for two years, Series 4 will last as long – if not longer. If you like Apple Watch 2, upgrading to Series 4 will be worthwhile for new features and improvements. Nevertheless, the price tag bites, so if you are not ready to pay so much for a new version of the device, wait six months or a year – this will save you 5-7 thousand, depending on the version you choose.

Should you upgrade from Series 3 to Series 4?

Considering that the coolest feature Apple Watch 4, ECG, is not supported in Russia and is generally not as effective as the ad says, switching from last year's Series 3 to Series 4 isn't worth the money. Series 3 will remain relevant for another year or two, so it's logical to skip the fourth revision.

138782-smartwatches-vs-apple-watch-series-3-vs-series-2-vs-series-1-vs-apple-watch-2015-whats-the-difference-image1-poqmgrvweb Apple Watch Series 3 (left) and Series 1 (right)

But the owners of the first two models should take a closer look at Series 3! After the release of the fourth generation, the price of the third one became even more pleasant. At the same time, the device has GPS, the same 18 hours of battery life and a familiar design. Also, this model is quite nimble and will receive at least two more major watchOS updates.

Read more about the differences between 3rd and 4th generations in this article.

Arguments for

So what does Apple Watch Series 4 have to offer that other generations don't? Let's figure it out.

1. Design

The first three generations Apple Watch were recognizable, but far from the prettiest smartwatch in existence. Of course, this is purely a matter of taste and Apple Watch not without reason became the most popular watches in the world, but they still looked too rough and massive. In the new generation, the watch has become thinner and lighter, but the display size has increased. In addition, a new gold color has been added – a great addition to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in the same color.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 15.53.29

It is also worth noting here that although Apple has changed the available display sizes (40 and 44 mm instead of 38 and 42 mm in previous generations), all old straps and bracelets are compatible with Series 4. This is a definite plus, because you do not will have to rebuild the collection of accessories.

2. More informative dial

With watchOS 5, you can display a lot more information on the screen. In particular, the new Infograph dial allows you to place additional data blocks around the main display – up to 8 parameters simultaneously (time in other cities, UV radiation level, timer, temperature, etc.). Judging by the fact that this dial has been adapted to the new enlarged displays, it will only be available for Series 4 – but we will definitely know this only after the update is released on September 17th.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 22.52.23

The idea of ​​a modular screen is not new, but previously no more than 5 types of data could be placed on one display. Now you have access to everything you need without compromise. Note that the modular dial is limited to 5 complications.

3. The newest fast processor

The S4 processor in the new Apple Watch is twice as fast as in the Series 3. And this is incredible considering that the third generation at one time seemed to be the fastest and most powerful watch on the market. Together with the processor, the sensors were also improved. The accelerometer and gyroscope have doubled dynamic range, and Series 4 user motion data is 8x faster. This is an important improvement if you regularly use Apple Watch while exercising.

4. ECG and fall detector

Apple Watch will be the first consumer wearable gadgets to be able to do an electrocardiogram. The fact is that the Digital Crown and the back of the case are covered with electrodes. Just put your finger on the Digital Crown for 30 seconds to scan. Unfortunately, this feature is still under development and will become available later this year – at least in the US.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 22.36.32

Another cool feature made possible by the improved sensors is drop detection. The watch will now be able to detect when you fell and will offer to call for medical assistance. You can set your watch to automatically send your location to emergency services if you have a seizure-prone illness. If the user does not move within a minute after the fall, the data will also be sent automatically.

Arguments against

If you're not using your watch as a fitness tracker or navigator, the Series 3 is more than enough for you. Series 3 will receive the watchOS 5 update on September 17th, which will add many useful features like Radio and the Podcasts app, and Siri will become even smarter and will learn to listen to you even without the standard “Hello, Siri ”. In addition, she will also be able to better understand natural speech, and you will no longer need to think about how to construct a phrase for the assistant to understand you.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 15.21.14

That said, the Series 3 has the same battery life and the processor is powerful enough to handle everyday workloads without problems. Of course, the sleek design and the rounded display will have to be forgotten.

Finally, the last important factor is price. Compare:

Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series 3
RUB 31,990 (dial 40 mm) 22,990 rubles (dial 38 mm)
33,990 rubles (dial 44 mm) 24,990 rubles (dial 42 mm)

Decide for yourself if this update is worth the extra $ 100.


Apple Watch Series 4 – first major redesign Apple Watch. They look amazing – especially in gold color. A large screen allows you to display more data on one screen. The new health monitoring features are unique – even with their imperfections.


If you have read all the arguments for and it seems to you that you are missing these functions – feel free to update. Apple Watch Series 4 is mainly about the big screen, slimmer attractive design and caring for your health. But if you are skeptical, take a closer look at the Series 3 – they are significantly cheaper and are unlikely to disappoint.

Are you planning to buy Series 4? How are they interesting to you? Share your opinion in the comments!

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