Top 10 Applications Apple Watch

Despite the skyrocketing popularity of smartwatches, many are still not sure if they need them. The results of a new poll can convince such people to buy Apple Watch.

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Recently, a survey was conducted in which users were asked to mark the actions for which they regularly use Apple Watch.

The top 10 applications Apple Watch according to the survey are as follows:

  • Checking messages.
  • Rejects an incoming call.
  • Activity check.
  • Workout tracking.
  • Pulse check.
  • Third party app icons.
  • Using third-party applications.
  • Checking email.
  • Adding reminders.
  • Answer an incoming call.

The 'time check' option was not available because the survey author is confident that 100% of the respondents would choose it.


64% of users who participated in the survey have iPhone X. 84% of them are men, since it is among them that smartwatches are most popular.

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