Tihmstar jailbreak Apple Watch Series 3 with watchOS 4.1

When you hear the word 'jailbreak', it immediately comes to mind iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. The idea of ​​creating a jailbreak for Apple Watch has been around for years in the community, but no one has taken it seriously.

Spartan-Watch-Co-Metal-Link - Apple - Watch-Band-768 × 432

In early 2018, a prototype 'jailbreak' overcl0ck was released, but it was not complete. Now hacker tihmstar has released a new jailbreak jelbrekTime. For Apple Watch for developers.

jelbrekTime supports Apple Watch Series 3 with watchOS 4.1. Compatibility with older models and watchOS 4.0 / 3.x can also be achieved, but this requires a few more modifications.

JelbrekTime uses the v0rtex exploit as well as tfp0 and h3lix to gain access to the device's filesystem.

It is difficult to say what regular users can jailbreak for Apple Watch. There is no Cydia app for Apple Watch, so downloading tweaks to your smartwatch will not be easy.

With the release of jelbrekTime, tihmstar immediately announced that he was no longer going to work on anything related to smartwatches, and that “this project is ready, and I am going to sell my watch.” If no one dares to complete the business he started, then we will not get the development of the project.

If you are a developer looking to try jelbrekTime, you can download the tool from the tihmstar GitHub repository.

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