This gadget will turn a smartwatch into a smartphone

Smart watches are quite convenient and compact devices, but so far they are too dependent on smartphones. Yes, there are several models with a SIM slot and their own GPS, but this is more the exception than the rule. Shell is a startup designed to free you from your smartphone (and tie you to a smartwatch, for that matter, but let's think positively).

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 02.07.17

Shell's flagship product is the standalone smartwatch itself. They are available in two designs (round and square dial) – both too bulky and not for the hobbyist. It is interesting that two “petals” are hidden in the body. Take them out and you have a microphone and speaker. There is even a camera for video calls!

Apparently, the creators of Shell understood that not everyone would like smart watches with such a design. Therefore, they also created an adapter that will turn your favorite watch into a smartphone. A large number of popular models are supported from Apple Watch to Moto, Huawei and Samsung.

The fundraising campaign will start in a couple of weeks on Indiegogo. If you like the concept, you can wait for this page to be updated, or just follow our materials, because we will write when Shell pre-orders open!

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