This copy Apple Watch lasts 45 days without charge and costs $ 99

The main problem with modern smartwatches is that they need to be charged almost as often as a smartphone. Advanced models usually do not hold a charge for more than two days, while the majority “live” for a maximum of a day. However, the new Amazfit Bip, the sales of which started yesterday, promise up to a month and a half of freedom from the outlet.

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At the same time, Bip is not a hybrid model with stripped-down smart functionality. The watch is equipped with a 1.28-inch touchscreen display, heart rate scanner, built-in GPS for geolocation, 3-axis accelerometer and supports notifications with both Android and iOS. The company claims that the watch lasts 30 days on a single charge, but can last up to 45 days if smart features are limited.

This copy Apple Watch lasts 45 days without charge and costs $ 99

One of the main advantages of Amazfit Bip is their price. At $ 99, they offer almost the same functionality as Apple Watch, but are three times cheaper. The main difference from the “big brothers” is that Bip does not have an app store, so they can only be used as a fitness tracker and for notifications.

Bip's design looks like a cross between Apple Watch and Pebble Time. You can buy a new product in black now at Amazon. Red, green and white will be available for purchase in March. Note that at the time of this writing, the first batch of watches has already been sold out.

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