Status icons Apple Watch what do they mean?

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One of the useful features Apple Watch is the status icons at the top of the screen, they inform you about new unread messages and more.

The status icon is displayed on the watch face and in Apple Watch apps. When you are in the Friends application, the status bar is hidden.

Most of the icons are familiar since they were carried over from iOS, but there are a few new icons. Below is a quick overview of the 7 new status icons Apple Watch and what they mean.

Status icons Apple Watch:

Uv apple_watch_status_icon_notification Notification: This is the most important and useful icon, it tells you if you have unread notifications.

apple_watch_status_icon_lock Lock: This icon you see when Apple Watch is not on your wrist and is under a password.

apple_watch_status_icon_pairedPhone Disconnected from iPhone: This icon is displayed when your Apple Watch has lost contact with the paired iPhone. This can happen if you are out of range, or if you disabled Bluetooth on your iPhone.

apple_watch_status_icon_networkActivity Loading: This notification indicates wireless activity or if there is an active process on your Apple Watch.

apple_watch_status_icon_doNotDisturb Do Not Disturb: This notification may be familiar to iOS users. This status icon is displayed when you put your iPhone or Apple Watch in Do Not Disturb mode, no calls or alerts will be received and the screen will not light up except for a beep.

apple_watch_status_icon_airplaneMode Airplane mode: This icon is displayed when you turn on airplane mode at Apple Watch. This also means it is no longer connected to iPhone, you can switch to this mode to save battery power on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Features such as activity tracking, heart rate sensor, excluding wireless functions will be available.

apple_watch_status_icon_charging Charging: This icon indicates that your Apple Watch is being charged.
In some cases, several icons will be displayed at once to display the status Apple Watch.

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