Patent about Apple Watch with 'always-on display' technology support

There were two new patents published last week about Apple Watch. The patents say that smart watches can add support for 'always-on display' technology.

Apple - Watch-AStronomy-face-745 × 412

Judging by the patent, Apple associates the problem with 'burning out' of displays with OLED – displays. The company believes that adjusting the brightness and colors of the screen can solve the problem.

This is what Apple writes:

Notably, burn-through statistics can take the form of a high-resolution multichannel image that consumes a significant amount of device memory with a OLED – display. For obvious reasons, users may not like this, as the amount of available memory decreases for unknown reasons. Therefore, it is desirable to store the burn-through statistics more economically.

Many owners Apple Watch have long dreamed of supporting 'always-on display' technology. However, others do not need it at all, because activating the display Apple Watch is very easy – just raise your wrist to look at the watch.

Some people think that without a dial on the display, smartwatches look ugly, and technology can fix this. In addition, sometimes you need to know the time when there is no way to raise your hand. Others worry about battery drain.

The technology support patent came out on the same day as the patent Apple Watch with large displays and thin bezels.

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For months, there have been rumors that the new Apple Watch will have a 15% larger display than the current model. An image was leaked last week confirming these rumors.

Apple Watch The new generation is due to launch on September 12th and will definitely have a larger display. However, it is not necessary that this also includes support for 'always-on display'.

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