Overview of wireless chargers for iPhone and Apple Watch

Every owner of devices from Apple would like to have a charging dock on their bedside table. And if you are the proud owner of both iPhone and Apple Watch, you are probably thinking about a station that would be able to charge both devices simultaneously.


This overview presents the 3 most suitable docking stations in this regard, suitable for both iPhone and Apple Watch. They combine attractive design with functionality, so you don't have to settle for some cheap plastic from Amazon or AliExpress.

Studio Neat Material Dock


Material Dock is a brand new docking station from Studio Neat, a company that has had a reputation for making exclusive accessories for years. In particular, this is the popular GLIF tripod mount and the Cosmonaut stylus.

This dock uses beautiful walnut for the base and cork for the legs. The clock is placed in front of your iPhone, so the station is as compact as possible. Both charging cables are hidden behind the rear panel.

The Material Dock also has two advantages: it is adjustable depending on the type of charging and the base lock to ensure stable operation.

Both parts of the device move as you like and it will fit any iPhone with any body thickness. In addition, the latch provides stabilization and fixation of the device to the table at the moment when you select iPhone from charging.

Studio Neat sells Material Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch for a whopping $ 70. It also offers a simplified iPhone version for only $ 45. A little assembly is also required and charging cables are not included in the package.

FUZ Designs EverDock

I've been using the EverDock Duo for several years now, fueling mine iPhone and iPad every night. Now that I bought iPhone Plus, and got rid of my iPad, I had to make adjustments to fit my new line of devices Apple.


While FUZ Designs did not specifically design docking stations for both iPhone and Apple Watch, it sells an accessory for the EverDock that makes it easy to be compatible with Watch devices.

EverDock is priced at $ 39.99 for iPhone only, and another $ 14.99 for the mount Apple Watch. In the end, everything will cost you $ 55. The mount Apple Watch sticks to the back of your EverDock. It also works with the EverDock Duo if you have an iPad.

EverDock also has a retainer and includes several silicone inserts. Plus, the device's aluminum design blends well with the company's familiar aesthetic Apple.

In the case of the EverDock, you also have to tinker with the assembly, so keep your old chargers with you for now.

Belkin PowerHouse

Belkin's PowerHouse is another option to complement your iPhone and Apple Watch designs. But more importantly, this device has one feature that the previous two docking stations cannot yet boast of. If you buy PowerHouse, you don't need to use your own charging cables. Everything you need to connect and charge the device is already included in the kit.


Since the charging module and cable are included here, installation time is significantly reduced and the visually unattractive wires sticking out on other docking stations are simply absent. Only one 1.5 m cable for connecting to the network and that's it.

The design is also unique because your watch and iPhone are visible at the same time while charging. The PowerHouse does not have any clamps on the bottom, although the base is rather heavy.

The Belkin PowerHouse sells for a whopping $ 99.99 easy charge, but keep in mind you won't need any extra cables or assembly hassle.

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