New Patent Apple for Apple Watch Wireless Charging Case

Apple has published a new case patent for Apple Watch and their wireless charging components. It states that the new case will be similar to the case for AirPods, but it will be used differently.

Due to the fact that the watch Apple Watch is worn throughout the day, the case will be used less frequently. However, it comes in very handy when you are traveling as you don't have to look for a power outlet.

The patent also mentions that with this case it will be possible to charge other watch accessories, such as bracelets with sensors, etc. So far Apple does not sell wristbands with additional sensors, but third-party manufacturers do.

New Patent Apple for Apple Watch Wireless Charging Case

Not every patent comes true, but Apple may well release another wireless charging case, this time for their smartwatches.

The following is an excerpt from a patent that sets out the company's intentions:

One option for the final product is a case that can safely store a portable electronic device like a smartwatch, as well as additional bracelets for it. Also, the case will be able to charge an electronic device along with accessories in the event that they contain electronic components such as sensors, batteries, etc.

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