In iOS 12 there will be a new Digital Health feature; new Apple Watch with frameless display already in development

WWDC 2018 is just a few days away. Bloomberg's Mark Garman shared his thoughts on the conference. He revealed several new details about iOS 12, Apple Watch, ARKit, etc.


We previously learned that significant updates like the new home screen design and the Photos app have been delayed until 2019 to focus on improving system stability and bug fixes this year. There will be a few new features in iOS 12, but they won't be very significant.

Additionally, iOS 12 introduces a new Digital Health feature that will provide users with tools to tell how much time they spend using different apps and using the device in general. A new section in Settings will be devoted to functions. Earlier Google presented something similar in Android P. Both companies are trying to reduce the time users spend on their devices.

Apple also introduces ARKit 2.0 with new features. A new mode will appear on the platform, allowing multiple users to play augmented reality games against each other in the same room.

On macOS, Apple will focus on deeper integration with iOS. At the conference Apple should explain the situation with the merging of applications for iOS and macOS.

It also became known that Apple is working on new Apple Watch with the same dimensions, but a large frameless display. Old straps will still fit the new model. New Apple Watch should be presented in September.

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