How to use Power Reserve Mode in Apple Watch

The watch from Apple was designed with an emphasis on ensuring that the battery lasts all day with normal use. But not every day you have the opportunity to charge your devices, and there are times when you have to save battery. For these cases Apple provided Power Reserve, a power saving mode for Apple Watch that minimizes power consumption when the battery level is critically low.

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What is Power Reserve Mode

Power Reserve is a power saving mode that conserves battery power by keeping only the watch's most important features active, including notifications, fitness tracking apps, and more. In this mode, the clock continues to function as a clock, memorize and display the time.

How to enable Power Reserve

You can turn on Power Reserve in three different ways. First, the watch will prompt you to turn on Power Reserve after a specified time when your battery has dropped to 10 percent or less. At this request, you can agree to enable Power Reserve mode or ignore it and continue to use the watch as normal.

Power Reserve glance menu

If you want to manually enable Power Reserve mode, you can press and hold the side button until the power menu appears. In it, drag the Power Reserve slider to the right to enable this feature. Finally, Power Reserve mode can be found in Power glance. Swipe on the watch face to find Power glance, tap Power Reserve, and then click Continue.

How to disable Power Reserve

Once you enter the Power Reserve, the only way to exit Power Saving Mode is to restart the watch by holding down the side button until the logo Apple appears. In order to exit Power Reserve and resume normal operation, you must have sufficient battery power to power the device after restarting.

Battery performance tracking

Apple also added some battery statistics items to settings Apple Watch which allows you to view the hours of use of the watch. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, press Watch, and then go to General> Usage (Generel-> Usage). Here you can view the usage time and the idle time (when the watch was not used), this data is provided since the last full charge. You can also see the Power Reserve value, which means how long your watch will run to the critical battery level and go into Power Reserve mode.

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