How to switch between miles and kilometers in the Health app

By changing a simple option in the Health app, you can more conveniently track your activity. For example, you can switch between miles and kilometers to track your walking and running. Below we will explain how this is done.

Health-App-on - iPhone - Riding-Bike

Change units of measurement to iPhone

Open the Health app on your iPhone and follow the instructions below.

1) Go to the Medical Data tab and select the Activity card. Here click on the card Walking and running distance.

2) When the graph screen opens, scroll down and select Units.

3) Now select 'km' or 'miles'. A red check mark appears next to the selected unit of measure.


You can now view your walking and running distance data in your preferred units of measure, which will also change in the Activity app.


Change units of measurement to Apple Watch

You can change the units of measurement to Apple Watch in the Workout app.

1) Click the icon in the form of three dots, having selected any type of training.

2) Click Distance.

Workout-App - Apple - Watch-Access-Distance-Unit

3) Use Force Touch to open the menu.

4) Select 'km' or 'miles'.

Workout-App - Apple - Watch-Change-Distance-Unit-745 × 303

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