How to set volume Siri to Apple Watch

WatchOS 5 introduces the ability to adjust the volume of the assistant Siri to Apple Watch.

Apple - Watch-Series-3 - Siri

Apple Watch Series 3 and later Siri replies aloud, while previous models display replies as text and images on the screen.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has a fairly powerful speaker and microphone that makes it easy to interact with Siri, talk on cellular, listen to music, etc.

To make it easier for users to customize Siri for themselves, in watchOS 5 a special function was added to adjust the volume of responses Siri. You cannot do this in previous versions of watchOS.


  • Model Apple Watch Series 3 and newer
  • WatchOS 5 or newer

Naturally, the function Siri must be active on the smartwatch.

How to set the volume Siri to Apple Watch

The volume Siri will not be affected by the volume of the system sounds after setting.

1) Go to your Settings Apple Watch.

2) Select the General section.

3) Select Siri.

4) Scroll down to Volume, then click on the slider below and turn the Digital Crown to adjust the volume.

This setting will affect responses Siri through the speaker, but not when headphones or speakers are connected.

Interestingly, you cannot adjust the volume Siri to iPhone, iPad or HomePod for now. Most likely, for these platforms the option will appear with a future system update.

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