How to set up navigation in Maps on Apple Watch with watchOS 5

WatchOS 5 introduces new options for the Maps app for Apple Watch, including setting up turn alerts when navigating.

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Previously, they could only be enabled or disabled. It was impossible to leave notifications, for example, only when driving, but turn them off when walking. In watchOS 5, you can set up turn notification separately for each category.

How to set up navigation to Apple Watch

By default, turn alerts are active while walking, while driving, and when driving with CarPlay. If you have Apple Watch with watchOS 5, you can customize notifications to your liking.

1) Open the application Apple Watch on your iPhone with iOS 12.

2) Go to your watch tab and select the Maps app.

3) In the section with notifications, select when they can be displayed: when walking, while driving and when driving with CarPlay.

You can turn on or off the toggle next to each item. If you are using a navigator on iPhone or iPad, you can turn everything off. If you like it when notifications arrive on all devices at once, the options can be left active.

Finding directions via Apple Watch is easy and convenient thanks to vibration patterns.

  • Left turn – intermittent vibration.
  • Turning to the right – continuous vibration.

In the settings of the clock itself, these options cannot be changed yet, but perhaps such an opportunity will appear in the final version of the update.

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