How To Scratch Sapphire Apple Watch 3 Edition $ 1300

YouTuber Zach Nelson, aka JerryRigEverything, is known for his videos in which he tests new devices for durability. So, just recently we wrote about his success in destroying iPhone 8. Now the stakes have increased: for the new video, Zach chose sapphire Apple Watch Series 3 Edition as his victim. At $ 1300, this is the most expensive gadget to have visited this channel.


The main point of interest for the YouTuber was to test how durable the sapphire crystal and the ceramic watch case are. But in the video, not only Apple Watch were tested. To compare the results, Zach put the same tests on a Tissot mechanical watch ($ 300), which also has a sapphire protection.

For the test, Zach used special tools made from materials of varying strengths on the Mohs scale. Recall that usually on smartphones there are scratches already from 6-point materials.

Let's not spoil you with the content of the video – you should watch the destruction of expensive devices yourself. However, let's just clarify that, apparently, Apple uses an imperfect coating for its most expensive smartwatches, which does not reveal the full potential of sapphire glass.

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