How to enable DFU mode in Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch can deservedly be called a small computer.

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Like any other computer, your wrist gadget is susceptible to various system tricks, some of which can prevent it from starting or working properly. If this happens, you will have to completely reboot the watchOS operating system.

Unfortunately, Apple has made the process of restarting your watch rather complicated, so you will have to make an appointment with a specialist at your nearest store Apple in case something goes wrong with watchOS. and this cannot be fixed by a data reset.

Although Apple Watch does not have a USB connector, it does contain a six-pin diagnostic port for wizards. It is located in the recess of the lower strap slot. Fortunately, MFC's unofficial iBus dongle allows you to connect any Apple Watch to iTunes on your Mac or Windows using a regular USB cable, allowing you to perform a hard reset.

The cost of the electronic key is $ 100 for the first generation watches and $ 120 for the second series models.

It is worth paying attention to the main nuance: Apple does not place files for a full reboot of watchOS in the public domain, so you will need to get firmware files from other sources before trying to reload or update your Apple Watch using iBus.

How to enable DFU mode in Apple Watch

To reboot the system on the watch using the firmware files on the computer (or return to the previous version of the system), you need to enable the DFU mode on the device.

1) Remove the strap from the side of the case where the button is located.

2) Insert a regular needle into the port hole. Do not push the needle as you would to open the SIM card slot on your iPhone. Instead, gradually apply gentle pressure to the side of the needle to remove the cap from the port.

Here is a video of the process.

3) Now connect the iBUS dongle to this port.

4) Connect the USB cable to the other end of the dongle and then to the USB port of the computer. Then open iTunes.

5) Turn on Apple Watch and wait for them to start.

6) Simultaneously press and hold the wheel and side button for ten seconds, then release the side button, but not the wheel. Keep holding it until a message pops up in iTunes confirming that Apple Watch is in DFU mode.

You will be prompted to select a watchOS firmware (.IPSW) file to reboot.

The following video shows the complete reboot process Apple Watch using the iBUS key.

It is worth noting that using the port on the watch Apple to make any system changes will void the watch's warranty and possibly affect the water resistance of the device. So do it at your own risk.

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