How to download and install watchOS 5 on Apple Watch

Apple has finally released the final version of watchOS 5. The update should be available for over-the-air installation, but you can manually install it if you wish. Below we will explain how this is done.

watchOS-5 - Siri - Face

First upgrade to iOS 12

Before installing watchOS 5, you need to update your linked iPhone or iPad to iOS 12. Without this, the watchOS 5 update will not be available for installation.

Which models support watchOS 5

watchOS 5 is compatible with all versions and flavors Apple Watch except Series 0. If you are still using the former Apple Watch, you will not be able to install the update.

How to remove the watchOS 5 beta profile

If your Apple Watch is running the watchOS 5 beta, you will need to remove the beta profile from them first.

Step 1: Open the app Apple Watch to iPhone, go to the My Watch tab and then select General -> Profile.

Step 2: You will see a list of installed profiles. Select the one you want and click Remove Profile.

How to install watchOS 5

Step 1: After updating your iPhone to iOS 12, connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Then open the app Apple Watch.

Step 2: Select the My Watch tab and then General -> Software Update. An update should be available here.

Step 3: Click Download & Install and then Accept.

Step 4: On Apple Watch click Continue and enter your password.

When iPhone downloads the watchOS 5 update, it will automatically install on your Apple Watch. We strongly recommend that you charge your watch before installing a new version.

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