How to change the language of sending messages to Apple Watch

If you often communicate with people from different countries for work or for some other reason, then the Messages on Apple Watch application can help you with this. You can easily and quickly send messages in another language through your smartwatch. Below we will explain how this is done.

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How to add a language to iPhone

First you need to add the required language to iPhone. This is done through the Settings application.

1) Go to General and select Keyboard.

2) Click Keyboards and then select New Keyboards.

3) In the Other keyboards section iPhone select the required language.

The selected language will appear in the list of your keyboards. If you want to add multiple languages, just do this process again for each one.

How to change the language to Apple Watch

On yours Apple Watch open the Messages app.

1) Open the message you want to reply to in another language.

2) Press firmly on the screen and press Select language.

3) On the screen that opens, select the desired language.

Then you can use one of the standard answers or dictate the answer yourself in the language of your choice.

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Please note that only this message will be sent in this language. All other settings will not be applied, so the process will need to be done every time.

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