How to activate Siri without pressing Digital Crown on Apple Watch

When you upgrade your Apple Watch to watchOS 5, your life will be much easier. For example, the Personal Assistant Siri is surprisingly fast and reliable on Apple Watch Series 3. In addition, Series 3 owners can now use the new 'Raise to Talk' feature.

Apple - Watch-Raise-to-Speak - Siri

You can now activate Siri without pressing the Digital Crown. This is a small change, but it is really noticeable in everyday life. The function works more reliably than activating it with the phrase 'Hello, Siri'.

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How to enable the function

First, make sure the Raise and Speak feature is enabled. When you upgrade to watchOS 5, you will see a notification about it. If you click on the 'Continue' notification, the function will be activated.

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On yours Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to open your apps. Here select Settings -> General -> Siri. Make sure Raise to Speak is active. You can also adjust the voice volume at the bottom of this section.

How to use the function

Now you just have to raise your wrist and start talking. However, this must be done correctly. For the function to work every time, you need to raise your wrist higher than if you just wanted to check the time.

Ideally, your Apple Watch should be 15 centimeters from your face. If the watch screen turns on when you lift it up, that's even better.

watchOS-5-Raise-to-Speak-for - Siri - 1

With your wrist up, just talk. Say the command without the words 'Hello Siri'. Your Apple Watch will understand what is happening and activate Siri. After that, your speech will be translated into text on the screen, and in a second your personal assistant will execute the command.

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