How and when to use Theater mode on Apple Watch

With the release of watchOS 3.2 on Apple Watch, there is a new useful feature – the 'Theater' mode. Let's figure out what it is for, how to turn it on, and when it should be used.

Apple - Watch-Theater-Mode

What is 'Theater' mode?

When you activate the 'Theater' mode on Apple Watch, the sound on the watch will be muted and the screen will go dark. If you have activated screen activation on raising your hand, it will also be turned off.

You will still feel the vibration on notifications so no important messages are missed.

To activate Apple Watch in 'Theater' mode, tap the screen or press one of the buttons.

How do I enable Theater Mode?

1) Swipe up from the bottom of the screen Apple Watch to open Control Center.

2) Click the Theater Mode icon in the form of two theater masks. If you are using the function for the first time, a message will appear explaining its purpose. Click on the orange icon to activate the mode. After that, you just have to click on the icon in the Control Center.

How and when to use Theater mode on Apple Watch

3) When you turn on Theater mode, the mute icon will also turn red. In addition, a mode icon will be displayed on the watch face.

How and when to use Theater mode on Apple Watch

To turn off the mode, open Control Center and tap the masked icon. All icons will turn gray again.

When to use Theater mode?

The name of the mode makes it clear that it is intended for use in theaters. It is needed so that the glow of the screen and the sounds of the smart watch do not bother you or others while you are in the theater or cinema. However, the mode can be used in other cases as well.

If you sleep in yours Apple Watch the Theater mode will be very useful. You won't wake up from screen glow or notification sound.

In any situation where the silent mode is not enough, the 'Theater' mode is suitable, with which the clock screen will not light up until you activate it yourself. This is what the regime is for.

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