First jailbreak for watchOS 3 'OverCl0ck'

In recent years, an infinite number of jailbreak tools iPhone and iPad have been released, but nothing has been created for Apple Watch since 2015. However, this will change very soon.

Apple - Watch-Series-2

Developer PsychoTea has released the first beta jailbreak for Apple Watch on GitHub. The tool is called OverCl0ck, and so far it is an early prototype that could change how users interact with smartwatches in the future.

First jailbreak for watchOS 3 'OverCl0ck'

So far, little is known about the OverCl0ck tool, but it supports watchOS 3 and is based on the Seguza hacker exploit.

The developer admits that he does not yet know which models will be supported, or how the tool works at all. It may not support all models Apple Watch. Obviously, the jailbreak will not work on Series 3, since this model is already on sale with watchOS 4.

Work on OverCl0ck is not yet complete, so we do not recommend using the tool for those who do not have enough skills to do this. Now developers can play with it, and at the same time figure out how they can make watchOS better.

PsychoTea writes that he can develop some kind of file manager to install tweaks to Apple Watch. It will work like Cydia, but with a smaller range of features.

It looks like the first beta of OverCl0ck is meant to draw developers' attention to tweaking Apple Watch. There is no guarantee that it will become a full-fledged jailbreak or support more versions of watchOS. Let's see what happens.

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