ECG app for Apple Watch coming with watchOS 5.1.2

A new ECG app from Apple, in which Apple Watch Series 4 owners will be able to do an electrocardiogram, will be released publicly with the watchOS 5.1.2 system update.

Apple - WAtch-Series-4-ECG-hero-006

The information was found in the employee document Apple Store.

The ECG app will be exclusive to Apple Watch Series 4 with the new electrical heart rate sensor in addition to the old optical sensor. The user will only have to start the program and put their finger on the Digital Crown for 30 seconds. During this time, electrodes built into the Digital Crown and the back of your watch count the electrical signals from your heart.

The signals generate an ECG wave. The app can even tell if your heart rate is showing signs of arterial fibrillation, which is a serious problem.

Apple - Watch-Series-4-EKG-hero-005

The data obtained by the application will be saved in the Health application at iPhone. Then users can send their electrocardiogram to the attending physician as a PDF document.

“This is an incredible achievement for smartwatches that can provide important data to doctors and also keep you from feeling nervous for no reason,” says Apple.

The app will not be available in all countries, initially it will only work in the US. In the future, the ECG function may become available in Europe and other parts of the world.

Users of other countries will be able to use the function by changing the language in the settings to English (USA). It also activates other features like Apple News, more features Siri, etc.

WatchOS 5.1.2 is currently in beta testing.

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