Due to a bug in Apple Watch it is better not to ask Siri about the weather

A rather strange bug was found in Apple Watch. If after hours you ask Siri a question related to the weather (for example, “what is the temperature today?” Or “Will it rain?”), Then instead of answering Siri it reboots Apple Watch.


Interestingly, this problem only appeared on Saturday. On the MacRumors forum, on November 4, a user wrote that just yesterday he asked Siri the weather forecast and everything was fine.

The bug spreads not only new Apple Watch 3 (LTE and GPS modifications), but also older models. Analysis of the comments showed that the bug can be traced in all American, Canadian and European smartwatches from Apple withwatchOS 4.1.

It is not yet clear what this error is related to, but the Weather app itself works fine. Rebooting or resetting the clock to factory settings does not solve the problem even temporarily.

Note that the watch is reset only from questions regarding the current weather. If you ask for the weather forecast for tomorrow or next week, everything will work as it should.

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