Developers launched Windows 95 on Apple Watch

Operating system Microsoft Windows 95 has been in the shadows for several years now, so what better way to grab the attention of users than to install it on Apple Watch?

Apple - Watch-Win95

The developer Nick Lee took on the difficult task of installing the oldest operating system on the new SmartWatch and got some pretty interesting results. The first thing you'll notice, as Circuit Breaker notes, is that it takes an hour to load the OS. The overall results are as follows: Windows 95 runs on Apple Watch slowly, but the device becomes more functional. In any case, more functional than one might think.

In his blog, Lee notes that Apple Watch are more powerful computers than those on which Windows 95 was the new operating system. So it makes sense to run software on a smartwatch.

To do this, according to Lee, the publication, he had to modify the operating system Apple. He used an emulator on a WatchOS. Due to the fact that the display Apple turns off when not in use, Lee took another step to reach his goal. The developer created a special mechanism, consisting of a motor and a tube, which spins the digital crown of the watch Apple Watch to start the display.

Interesting? See what came of it.

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