Can drop detection in Apple Watch 4 be tricked?

When Apple introduced Apple Watch Series 4, it also announced a new fall detection feature. This function will automatically fix the fall and call the rescue service if the user does not move for an hour.

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Apple also noted that a new gyroscope and accelerometer are responsible for the accuracy of fall detection in Apple Watch Series 4. How well does this feature Apple Watch work in practice? As the video from the What’s Inside channel shows, in fact, she does well.

Despite numerous attempts to make the detector falsely trigger while jumping on a trampoline, Apple Watch did not react to them. It wasn't until the end, when the What’s Inside guys really fell to the floor, did the fall detection on Apple Watch Series 4 work. As a result, it turns out that the fall detection mode on Apple Watch Series 4 is triggered only when the owner really hits the ground hard.

The video also explains how this feature works. First, you need to enable it in the Watch app on your iPhone. Second, the function takes about 10-15 seconds to run. It does not fire immediately after falling.

After detecting a fall, the watch gives users the option to either confirm that they are fine or call emergency services. Further, the authors disassemble the watch into parts – it is less informative, but definitely fascinating.

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