Better feature Apple Watch 4 will not be available in Russia

We've already told you about the coolest features of the new Apple Watch Series 4. In addition to the design and performance improvements, we celebrated the latest, more accurate sensors. Thanks to them, you can make yourself an EKG using only the watch.

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However, the coolest feature Apple Watch – the ability to do an ECG – will not be available in most countries. Worst of all, the scanning capabilities in Apple Watch 4 may be overstated. At least that's what Andrew Moore, an emergency doctor at Oregon Health and Science University, says. He claims:

Apple Watch uses outdated technology when compared to the equipment in modern hospitals and medical facilities. institutions. The description of this feature sounds more attractive than what it is actually capable of.

The watch can only tell if the heart rate is too fast, slow or irregular. These data alone will not be enough for doctors: they will still have to give the patient a “real” ECG before prescribing treatment. However, this feature is not intended for users under the age of 22. In addition, the watch will be useless for people who have previously had atrial fibrillation.

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Although Apple received the necessary permission from the US Department of Health to release Apple Watch, this does not exclude inaccuracies in scanning – and Apple was obliged to warn users about this.

ECG is not for everyone

In addition, the ECG feature in Apple Watch Series 4 will only be available to US users. At the same time, the hardware part will be the same throughout the world. But even in the US, this feature won't be available at launch. Later this year Apple will release an update that will activate the ECG app.

Most likely Apple permission is required from health authorities in other countries before it releases this feature in other countries. When this will happen – and whether it will happen at all – is still unknown.

Yes, the Series 4 itself is cool, but the lack of a key feature in a number of countries will definitely disappoint many potential buyers.

What do you think about it? Are you upset about the lack of an ECG at Apple Watch 4 in Russia – at least at the time of release? Share your opinion in the comments!

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