Best straps for Apple Watch Series 4

With Apple Watch Series 4, the smartwatch design has been truly redesigned for the first time. I have to admit, they look much better. The rounded edges of the case look great along with the rounded corners of the display. In gold, the watch looks just amazing. To such a black or leather strap, and more!

best apple watch series 4 straps

And yes, all straps from the old Apple Watch are still compatible with the new Series 4. All straps for 38mm models fit the new 40mm (same for 42mm and 44mm versions). This means you can buy any of the old bands to match your new Series 4.

Below we have collected for you the best straps for Apple Watch Series 4. All of them are available in 38 / 40mm and 42 / 44mm sizes.

1. Sports strap Apple

Apple - Watch-Series-4-Sports-Band-Pink-Sand

The sports strap Apple remains the best and most comfortable strap for Apple Watch. It is available in a wide variety of colors. If you want another new strap for your friends Apple Watch, why not buy the same durable sports strap in a different color? For example, white, red or blue.

Style and sportiness combined with the many available colors make this line of straps one of the best. With such a strap, you can go on hikes in the fresh air, and every day to work.

You get a variety of pastel colors, excellent quality and good material that makes the watch fit snugly and comfortably on your wrist.

Buy: Sport Band Apple (3990р.)

2. Sports bracelet Apple

Apple - Watch-Series-4-Sports-Loop

This strap is made of lightweight and breathable material. The size is conveniently adjustable with a Velcro fastener. The two-layer nylon weave creates multiple loops on the side adjacent to the skin. They form a softening surface while quickly wicking moisture away.

This is an excellent choice for professionals in their field. The strap is available in many new colors.

Buy: Sports Bracelet Apple (3990р.)

3. Nomad leather strap


It is impossible not to fall in love with this design. This strap will especially appeal to fans of leather straps Apple. This strap will give your Apple Watch elegance.

The Nomad leather strap is crafted from darkened, minimally processed leather, so it looks stylish and traditional at the same time. It is available in brown and gray. The clasp is made of stainless steel. Combined with the new rounded edges Apple Watch 4 such leather will look amazing.

Buy: Nomad Leather Strap ($ 59.99)

4. Sports band AdMaster


The AdMaster strap is made of silicone and elastomer, so it is very durable. In addition, the strap is available in a wide variety of colors.

Thanks to the high quality and breathable material, the strap can be worn all day long. It has a comfortable and secure clasp, thanks to which the watch will never fly off your wrist.

The AdMaster sports strap is cheaper than the sports strap Apple, but it still does not lag behind in quality. You can buy one strap for $ 10 or a set of 8 different colors for just $ 32.

Buy: AdMaster Sport Band (8pcs) ($ 32)

5. Tovelo silicone strap

Tovelo - Apple - Watch-Band

If you are looking for a stylish yet durable and unique strap, the Tovelo strap is perfect for you.

The Tovelo strap is made of silicone, but thanks to the combination of two colors, it looks better than others. The material is very lightweight and breathable, so the strap is very comfortable to wear. It has a secure clasp that makes it very easy to adjust the strap.

Buy: Tovelo Silicone Strap ($ 9.99)

6. Leather strap Marge

Apple - Watch-Marge-Band

This strap is made of high quality genuine leather and is handcrafted. The strap looks stylish and can give your Apple Watch elegance.

The strap has an improved connection mechanism and a reliable stainless steel buckle, thanks to which the watch will never fly off your hand. The strap is moisture-wicking, so it's comfortable to wear for hours on end. The strap is only available in the classic brown color. For just $ 10, even users on a budget can afford it.

Buy: Marge Leather Strap ($ 9.99)

7. Clockwork Synergy Classic NATO strap


Clockwork has a wide variety of products, including a line of bands for Apple Watch. They have silicone, leather and other straps.

But the most interesting of them is the NATO strap. It is similar to nylon sports straps Apple but is available in different designs. The strap is of the same good quality and costs much less. On Amazon the NATO strap is available in 25 different colors – from the classic black-gray to the unusual black-red-yellow.

The straps are made of high quality double layer nylon, which fits perfectly on your hand. Thanks to the secure clasp, the strap will not fly off the wrist.

Buy: Clockwork Synergy Classic Nato (260 RUB)

8. Infinity Bracelet

Infinity-Bangle - Apple - Watch-Series-4

The Infinity bracelet looks more like a piece of jewelry. It doesn't look like standard straps, so you can complete your outfit for a party or even a formal meeting with it.

Finding straps for Apple Watch women is not easy, but the Infinity bracelet is just that. This elegant steel bracelet with stones is available in a variety of colors and designs. Gold and 'rose gold' look particularly beautiful.

The links of the bracelet are removable, so adjusting the size is quite simple. The only drawback of this strap is its delicacy. It's great for going out, but it's best not to wear it to the gym.

Buy: Infinity Bracelet ($ 69.99)

9. Paracord strap


Hiking straps are the strongest and most reliable. They are great for athletes or those who travel a lot. This strap is reliable, durable, but very comfortable.

Thanks to the new steel mount, the watch case is also protected. The same goes for the clasp. This strap is available in 40 colors. It absorbs moisture and is protected from water.

Buy: Paracord strap (645 rub.)

10. Steel strap Speidel Twist – O – Flex


Speidel is one of the most popular American watch companies. It is famous for its classic design, which is very popular lately.

The company's straps are reliable and water resistant. They absorb moisture and can stretch. Despite their strength and uniqueness, the straps are cheaper than the official straps Apple. They are available in silver steel, regular steel and black steel.

Buy: Speidel Twist-O-Flex Strap ($ 60)

11. Nike + Sport Band

Apple - Watch-Series-4-Nike-Bands

If sports are a big part of your life, buy a Nike + strap. It is very lightweight, breathable and has an interesting design. The sports strap Apple is already quite reliable and comfortable, and Nike + is even better.

The injection-molded holes allow air to flow to the skin, making the strap ideal for athletes, especially runners. Also, the strap colors match the Nike sneakers, which is interesting too.

Buy: Nike + Sport Band (3990 Rub.)

12. LuxWoods strap

LuxWood - Apple - Watch-Band-1

If you are tired of steel and leather straps, then this one should interest you. The LuxWood strap is made of ebony in a classic style.

Moreover, it is very convenient and reliable. The strap is perfectly protected from damage, despite its material.

Buy: LuxWoods Apple Watch Band ($ 64.99)

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