Apple will host 'Close Your Rings' Developer Challenge at WWDC18

Next week, the World Developer Conference (WWDC 2018) Apple will host the 'Close Your Rings Challenge' for developers. It is designed to motivate developers to complete all three activity levels Apple Watch every day from June 3rd to June 7th.


To become a participant in the competition, you need to download a special application and get an exclusive code on the website for developers.

Apple will host 'Close Your Rings' Developer Challenge at WWDC18

Developers will be able to work in teams of four. If each team member completes all levels in one day, the team will receive bonus points. Those who earn over 200 points will receive prizes on June 8th.

The points are distributed as follows:


  • 1 point for 1/12 of the ring of movements.
  • Full ring – 36 points.


  • 1 point for 1/12 of the exercise ring.
  • Full ring – 36 points (90 minutes).

Standing position

  • 1 point for 1/12 of the ring.
  • Full ring – 14 points (stand for a minute per hour for 14 hours).

Bonus points

  • Individual: You can earn 12 extra points for completing all levels in one day. Points are awarded only once a day, and points are not awarded for repeated completion of one of the levels.
  • In a team: If one of the team completes all levels, you will receive 4 bonus points. If everyone fulfills the levels, you will receive 12 points.

More information about the competition can be found on the Close Your Rings website.

This year's WWDC is being held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, where the conference will be held for the second consecutive year. On Monday at 20:00 Moscow time Apple he will hold his traditional presentation and demonstrate a demo iOS 12, as well as new versions of macOS, tvOS and watchOS. In addition, new MacBook and iPad should be presented.

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