Apple Watch started rebooting after asking about the weather

A new bug was discovered in watchOS on Apple Watch Series 3 that reloads the watch when asked Siri about the weather. The feature worked fine before, but a few days ago this error started to appear, and most likely it is related to the latest watchOS update for the transition to winter time in the US and other countries.


The watch will restart if you ask Siri anything related to today's weather, including the air temperature. The problem occurs on Apple Watch Series 3 models with and without LTE support. However, if you ask about the weather for tomorrow, there will be no problem. The Weather app itself works fine too.

Below is a post from one user on the MacRumors forum:

The clock doesn't even reboot, only the interface is rebooted. The app (or Siri or Weather) crashes, but watchOS itself continues to run. If we compare the time during which the system reboots and the interface reboots, it becomes clear – in this case, this is the second.

This bug appeared only today, because yesterday everything worked fine when I asked Siri 'what is the forecast for today' or 'what is the temperature outside'.

I'm sure Apple will fix this quickly!

I have Apple Watch Series 3 + LTE / GPS. A very strange bug, I'd rather see what Apple has to say about this.

The bug occurs only for owners Apple Watch from the USA, Canada and Europe. Most likely, the error is associated with the transition to winter time, and after it it should disappear. If it doesn't, Apple will surely fix the problem as soon as possible.

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