Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Series 3 vs. Series 2: What's the Difference?

The era Apple Watch started quite recently, but this watch has already gone through all the stages from a gizmo exclusively for fans Apple to the most popular smartwatches in the world. At the presentation on September 12, the fourth generation Apple Watch saw the light – but is it really better than the second and third?


Yes, Apple Watch Series 4 were the most advanced watches from Cupertino, but the fact remains: they cost almost half of iPhone XR. So is it worth upgrading to Gen 4 if you already have Apple Watch?

Clearer display, thin ner bezels

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For the first time since the release of a smart watch Apple, I changed the physical parameters Apple Watch and the size of the display. The fourth generation is available in two new sizes: 40 and 44 mm, while the previous ones came in 38 and 42 mm variations. Displays also take up more of the front panel to accommodate more information.


The display resolution has also increased, but you won't notice this, because this was done in order not to sacrifice image quality when increasing the screen size. In addition, the display is made using LTPO technology OLED and should be more energy efficient than the regular one OLED. The new product has the same level of protection against moisture and dust as the Series 3 – that is, you you can safely swim in the pool with a watch on your hand.

As for the luxury versions, there will be several limited editions for Series 4 in collaboration with Hermes, but you shouldn't expect gold plated Apple Watch 4. At the same time Apple Watch Series 4 is compatible with all existing bracelets and straps .

New Digital Crown


Another feature Apple Watch Series 4, which, in principle, can also be attributed to design, is the new Digital Crown, which now protrudes slightly less from the body. But this is not the main thing here, but tactile feedback – the engineers Apple made it so that when you turn you feel the clicks, as when turning a mechanical wheel of a regular watch. This works in the same way as the Home button on the 7th and 8th generation iPhones.

Louder speaker s, more stable signal reception

If Apple Watch Series 2 did not support 3G / LTE, then Series 3 added support for a virtual SIM card, with which you can use mobile communications directly in the watch. This allowed users to make calls and stream music even when there was no iPhone nearby. In Apple Watch Series 4, the speaker volume was increased by 50% and moved away from the microphone to improve call quality.


In addition, the bottom of the Series 4 is made entirely of sapphire crystal and ceramic, which should improve signal reception. This is important because many users have complained that their watch picks up a signal worse than an iPhone under the same conditions. For Russian users, this item is rather unimportant, since eSIM has not yet been launched in Russia.

Faster processor, more powerful sensors

Apple Watch Series 4 got a new, faster and more energy efficient processor. In particular, the S4 chipset is twice as powerful as the Series 3. The built-in memory is 16 GB – the same amount was in the LTE version of Series 3. Series 2 and Wi-Fi Series 3 had only 8 GB of storage capacity.

Equally important to note, Series 4 has added new accelerometer and gyroscope that are more accurate than ever. They will not only track your movements more accurately, but they will also be able to recognize if you fall sharply to the ground, and will call for medical assistance if necessary.


Like previous models, the Apple Watch Series 4 features an optical heart rate sensor that constantly monitors your heart rate and alerts you if it detects any abnormalities. In the fourth generation, however, they also added an electronic heart rate sensor, so your Apple Watch can take you an ECG by placing your finger on the Digital Crown. Apple notes that the data obtained in this way is accurate enough to be used for medical purposes. Unfortunately, at the start of sales, this feature will still be finalized, and the release will take place later this year.

watchOS 5

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Apple Watch Series 4 will run watchOS 5 out of the box, while earlier models will receive this update on September 17th. Even if you are not the newest Apple Watch, you will still have access to most of the new features. An exception will be functions and applications that require certain sensors and sensors – for example, the ECG application can only be launched on Series 4. Also, we do not yet know if new watch faces with additional information will be available for Series 3 and Series 2 – perhaps they optimized only for enlarged displays.


Earlier versions Apple Watch provided about 18 hours of battery life, and the Series 4 will last the same. That is, even with the newest model, you still have to charge your watch every night, which is pretty sad. Perhaps, it is precisely to ensure that the battery lasts the whole day, Apple does not yet add the ability to permanently display the time and other data on the screen – this function is available in many flagship smart watches.


Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 02.36.25

Apple Watch Series 2 can no longer be purchased directly through the Apple Store, but Series 3 are still available there – and the price has decreased since release. Of course, Apple Watch 4 is significantly more expensive than the third generation.

Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series 3
RUB 31,990 (dial 40 mm) 22,990 rubles (dial 38 mm)
33,990 rubles (dial 44 mm) 24,990 rubles (dial 42 mm)

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