Apple Watch saved the kitesurfer from sharks

The kitesurfer, who was lucky enough to wear Apple Watch that day, said that the watch literally saved his life when he found himself in the waters of the California coast, where the ocean is teeming with sharks.


49-year-old John Zilles was too keen on kitesurfing and did not notice that he had swum too far from the shore. While he stopped in one place and decided to swim, the kite fell. Zilles failed to lift it up again due to the complete absence of wind. After 20 minutes of fruitless attempts, he gave up and was ready to swim to the shore. Two things stopped him: a large amount of equipment and great white sharks, which are abundant in these places.

When he looked at his Apple Watch (he has an LTE version of Series 3), he was surprised to find that the watch was picking up the cellular connection. He called his children and warned that he would be late. Just in case, he asked for the number of the Coast Guard. A few minutes later he used it – remembering the sharks. Rescuers soon took him away.

Zilles tweeted that he was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities Apple Watch. And I even got an answer from Tim Cook – short, but still nice: “Wow. Glad to hear you're safe. ”

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