Apple Watch rescued a woman and her child in a creepy car accident

We have already talked about how Apple Watch managed to save the kitesurfer from sharks. This time, the function SOS helped the American Casey Andersen and her 9-year-old son survive when a car with a drunk driver flew into their car.


The blow was so strong that the woman suffered a concussion and cerebral edema, torn neck muscles and herniated discs.

The moment he crashed into us, my face hit hard first on the steering wheel, then on the headrest, then again on the steering wheel, and finally on the window. For a minute I passed out and did not see anything. Although the eyes were wide open, everything was black. I tried to find the phone, and then I remembered that I have a watch and gave the command to call 911.

The command in question is essentially just holding down the side key Apple Watch for 2-3 seconds. After that, the watch automatically notifies the rescue service (in this case 911) and the contact that is indicated for emergency situations. In two years of ownership Apple Watch, this is the first time Mrs. Andersen has had to use the command SOS. Thanks to the watch, the woman received medical assistance on time, and a more sad outcome was prevented. Her son was strapped in the back seat and not hurt as badly.

That is why, if you have Apple Watch, we recommend that you enable this function and do not forget to charge your watch regularly.

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