Apple Watch 2 expected by mid-2016

In 2014, the company Apple officially announced Apple Watch, the company's first “smart” accessories. However, until April 2015, the device was not available for use.

image - Apple - Watch-Force-Touch [1]

Expectations that Apple will announce new Apple Watch 2 at the presentation in September did not come true. Instead, Apple released watchOS 2, which brought many new features and additions to Apple Watch, giving them an extra boost in functionality and life.

The Watch's annual update is expected, as are most of the other flagship products Apple, so the rumor heats up when the company might unveil the next Apple Watch worldwide.

The Apple Watch 2 are rumored to have the same display size and slightly larger battery. Apple has been reluctant to downsize their devices by sacrificing battery life. However, it is assumed that Apple will not apply this tactic to the watch.

According to an analytical article published by Cowen and Company, the company Apple plans to release the second generation Apple Watch in mid-2016. The first Apple Watch appeared in April, so we can assume that the company will announce Apple Watch 2 by May – June or even July 2016.

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