Apple released watchOS 4 beta 5 for developers

Along with iOS 11 beta 5 today Apple released watchOS 4 beta 5 to registered developers.


Non-developers will not be able to test the update as the company's official beta testing program does not yet include the watchOS platform.

If you are a developer and want to install watchOS 4 beta 5, in the Watch app on your iPhone go to My Watch → General → Software Update.

The phone must have iOS 11 beta 5, otherwise the watchOS 4 beta 5 update will not be available.

Your Apple Watch and iPhone should have special profiles installed, which can be downloaded here. To install the beta version of the update, the watch must be connected to iPhone. They must be at least 50 percent charged and placed on a magnetic charger.

The video attached below shows all the changes from the previous beta versions, such as new animations, new Toy Story watch faces, icon tweaks, bug fixes, etc.

WatchOS 4 adds more workout features.

Added three new watch faces: Toy Story watch face, Siri watch face that displays information based on your habits and other data, and add-ons with music and Apple News.

Apple released watchOS 4 beta 5 for developers

The Workout app now contains music controls and support for calisthenics exercises.

By partnering Apple with leading equipment manufacturers, your Apple Watch will be able to sync with select simulators for transferring data such as heart rate during exercise. This will be used to calculate the calories burned more accurately.

New monthly tasks in the Activity app will motivate you to keep fit. These are just some of the changes available for watchOS 4. The final version of the system will be released this fall.

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