Apple released watchOS 2.1 with support for new languages

December 8 turned out to be quite busy for employees Apple, the company released several numbered releases of operating systems for its various platforms.

watchos-2-logo [1]

Among other things, watchOS 2.1 was published for the general public. It's only been two months since Apple launched watchOS 2, and six weeks since watchOS 2.0.1 launched. The new firmware can be installed via the Watch application on iPhone, in it you need to go to the General section and select Software Update.

To update Apple Watch you need to connect the watch to the power supply, make sure that the battery is at least 50% charged and that the device will stay close to its iPhone during the installation time.

In terms of innovations, several separate functional improvements were made to the system, including improved language support. The system now supports Arabic, Portuguese, Malay, Hungarian and other languages. New Complications for Islamic and Hebrew calendars have been developed, interface support for languages ​​in which reading is performed from right to left has been added.

Bug fixes mainly concern third-party apps, power saving mode, Calendar app and a few other things.

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