Apple released watchOS 2 Golden Master (GM) for Developers

Along with iOS 9 Golden Master, Apple also released watchOS 2 GM for developers.

complications watchOS 2

The latest beta build came out a month after watchOS 2 beta5 was released.

watchOS 2beta 5 included new time lapse dials featuring the Eiffel Tower, new 70-second sleep settings, and a new “Fast Play” button to quickly access music on iPhone.

Golden Master is the final version of watchOS 2 and will have the same build number as the final version.

At the moment, the changes made by the company to GM are unknown, but we will write later substantiated changes.

Apple introduced watchOS 2 at WWDC 2015 Keynote, and showcased some of the major new features and improvements, such as new watch faces, time travel, new capabilities for apps that allow them to run directly on Apple Watch. new “Bedside table” mode, the ability to receive FaceTime calls and much more.

If you are already using watchOS 2 Beta 5 on Apple Watch, you can download the latest beta from the app Apple Watch on your iPhone. If this is the first watchOS beta build that you install to Apple Watch, then make sure your iPhone is also running on the beta build iOS 9. Proceed with caution, as downgrading the software on your Apple Watch will not be possible without help Apple.

Apple announced that watchOS2 will release on September 16, along with iOS 9.

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