Apple released first beta of watchOS 3.2 with Cinema Mode

While initial rumors about 'Cinema Mode' claimed it would first appear in iOS 10.3, it was recently revealed that the feature should actually appear on 'Apple Watch' devices.

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Currently, the company Apple has officially released the first beta of watchOS 3.1 to authorized developers, which, as you would expect, does indeed have a 'Cinema' mode. This mode allows users of devices 'Apple Watch' to disable the 'Raise to Wake' function so that it does not unexpectedly interfere with their comfortable movie viewing. The vibration feedback will still work in 'cinema' mode, and the user just needs to touch the screen or press the 'Digital Crown' wheel to activate the screen.

“Introduced in 'watchOS 3.1.3', 'Cinema' mode allows users to quickly mute their devices 'Apple Watch' and avoid waking up the screen when lifting their wrist. Users will still be able to receive notifications (including tactile ones) when in theater mode, which they can view by tapping the screen or pressing the Digital Crown.

Another major addition, which the company Apple has detailed in their published documents, is the addition of support for the 'Siri Kit', which allows program developers to access the Siri function in the same way. as it happens now in applications for iOS 10:

“WatchOS 3.2 includes a 'Siri Kit'. Users can ask Siri on their devices 'Apple Watch' to book a ride, send a message, make a payment, or make other requests that your app can handle. ”

Apps that provide services on specific domains can use the 'Siri Kit' framework to make these services available through Siri on 'watchOS'. Providing access to these services requires creating one or more extensions in the application using the 'Intents' object framework and implementing them as interface elements. The 'Siri kit' framework in 'watchOS' supports services in the following domains:

  • Message exchange
  • Making payments
  • Booking a trip
  • Fitness workouts
  • Making calls
  • Search photos

Developers need to have device 'iPhone' running iOS 10 to take advantage of beta features. The software can be installed through the dedicated iOS application 'Watch', in 'General' -> 'Software update'. To download and install the beta, your device Apple Watch must have at least 50% charge and must also be charging. Device 'iPhone' must also be within range of device 'Apple Watch'.

At the time of posting, no other major additions have been found, but if anything is found, we will update this post accordingly.

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