Apple donate accessories to owners Apple Watch affected by watchOS 5.1 bug

Last month Apple released watchOS 5.1 update for Apple Watch, which contained a bug that caused many watches to stop working. When the bug became known, Apple removed the update, however the damage was already done.

Apple - Watch-Walkie-Talkie-App

Since Apple Watch cannot be connected to the computer, the owners of the victims of the bug Apple Watch had to send them for repair or replacement. The support service Apple was attacked by calls from disgruntled owners of faulty smart watches. To compensate for the inconvenience, Apple decided to donate accessories to the victims. No official announcement has been made, however some owners Apple Watch have shared their stories of how Apple allowed them to choose a gift as compensation.

The maximum that Apple is ready to give away for free is a Block Bracelet. In Russia, it costs 35,990 rubles. Some users received headphones AirPods and other straps for Apple Watch as a gift.

If you encounter the same problem, please contact support Apple. If you have Apple Care warranty, the company will send you a new watch right away. Please note that accessories are given only to those users who had to wait a long time for a replacement, and not to everyone. Still, it's worth trying.

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