Apple can issue self adjusting straps for Apple Watch

A new patent Apple says the company can automate the customization of watch straps to fit your wrist. This will save users time and solve problems with finding the right size, as well as ensure that the sensors interact with the hand.


Sweat can weaken the strap, especially when running and playing sports. Automatic straps ensure a snug fit in all situations. Apple published a patent back in 2015 and named the following experts as authors: Andrzej T. Baranski, Serhan O. Isikman, Tyler S. Bushnell, Steven J. Martisauskas and David I. Nazzaro.

The patent is described as a 'Dynamic Tuning System for Wrist Electronic Devices', its number is 9,781,984, and the essence is that Apple Watch will be able to adjust the size of the strap themselves using a shaped memory wire, gas or liquid bubbles and an internal engine.

Apple can issue self adjusting straps for Apple Watch

In addition, the patent says about the retractable elements of the strap, i.e. there is a possibility that either the watch itself or it will change the size under the user's hand. Apple will add multiple squeeze and unclench modes, and can also use biometric sensors that will determine the size of the user's hand. It will be possible to customize the strap using the system. You can adjust a convenient size, and then quickly and conveniently tighten and loosen the strap.

Apple can issue self adjusting straps for Apple Watch

Apple is still working on various systems for automating strap sizing. An existing sports band can be modified to include a customization mechanism. Nitinol wire can be added to metal straps, which can be resized using an electric current. It is not yet clear when the patents will be implemented, but we should not forget about them.

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