Apple believes that you can use iPhone and Apple Watch for 3 years

Despite the fact that cellular operators have made the upgrade to the next phone model as easy as a customer can want, and Apple upgrades their products every year. The company still believes that you should use your iDevices for much longer than one year.

Apple - iphone-6s-watch-re2-G [1] In the last couple of days Apple, they are preparing for Earth Day, and this is connected with the active awareness of users about their devices. In one of its greenhouse gas reports, the California giant announced for the first time that the people who use its products must work for them for at least three years. “The optimal number of years to use devices based on OS X and tvOS is 4 years, and for iOS and watchOS 3 years.” If you believe the data set forth Apple and other resources, then watchOS devices can be used for one year. For desktop devices, 4 years of use sounds quite real. How long have you used your iPhone? And if you have Apple Watch, do you plan to use them within 3 years? Share in the comments!

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