All the hidden new features in watchOS 5

Today we are going to tell you about some great and very useful hidden features of watchOS 5 that were not mentioned during the WWDC 2018 presentation due to the limited time.

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If you've watched the broadcast or recording of the WWDC 2018 presentation, you already know roughly what to expect from the company this year. However, not all of the new features and improvements to watchOS 5 have been introduced to us, although they are definitely worth checking out.

If you have Apple Watch with watchOS 5 support, then you should be interested in the hidden features, which we will discuss below.

All the hidden features of watchOS 5

  1. New 'Edit' button in Control Center to customize icons.
  2. Podcasts app that works over Wi-Fi and cellular.
  3. Improved watch face Siri thanks to new app Siri Shortcuts.
  4. New gray dial theme Siri.
  5. Two new icons for the Solar watch face.
  6. The Weather app displays additional data: UV Index and Wind Speed.
  7. New features for Do Not Disturb.
  8. Ability to manually switch between Wi-Fi networks directly from Apple Watch.
  9. Consolidated notifications.
  10. New feature to allow you to talk to Siri without starting from 'Hello Siri' every time.
  11. Ability to add cities to the Weather app.
  12. Support for web links.

All the hidden new features in watchOS 5

When Apple releases the next watchOS 5 beta, more users will start testing the update and interest will only grow. Most likely, the final version will contain even more hidden new features. The list above shows that there are many useful little things in the system that will please the owners Apple Watch.

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