5 chips Apple Watch that we would like to see in iPhone 6s and iOS 9

The new watch from Apple looks like a new product with an innovative Watch hardware and operating system, full of unique platform capabilities. Among the new features are some that we think would be ideal to see at iPhone. Read on to find out which things we think Apple should be imported from Apple Watch and added to the new iPhone 6s and iOS 9.


1. Force Touch

New technology Apple Force Touch, can distinguish between short, long press and hold. The pressure sensitivity of the sensor would make the iPhone 6S more attractive, and the Force Touch technology could be widely used. For example, one of the useful features in Apple, Watch is the ability to clear all notifications in one go using the Force Touch (long press on the screen clears all notifications).

2. Notifications on the lock screen

The locked screen iPhone is not very informative. Apple can add notifications the same as in Apple Watch to display brief useful information on the lock screen. For example, it would be convenient to see weather information for the upcoming hour on the lock screen.

3. Dark mode

Apple Watch has a nice dark theme, compatible with OLED watch displays and good for battery life. But we doubt that Apple will use OLED the display in the next generation iPhone. It would be nice if Apple ported the dark theme to iOS, especially if it was possible to automatically change the theme depending on the ambient light level. The dark theme looks great, the dark background and light text colors are perfect for using your phone in a dim room or at night.


4. Multilevel notifications with the option “Clear all”

Notifications sent to Apple Watch are available in two versions – a short snippet that appears immediately and longer notifications containing notification details. Such tiered notifications would be ideal on iPhone, allowing you to quickly see a snippet so that when you click on it, you can see the details. It would also be great if Apple enabled the “Clear All” option to clear all notifications with one tap.

5. Training apps and activity

iPhone 6 has motion processor and GPS that are underutilized by the platform. The company only recently added a health app, but it still lacks companion apps dedicated to fitness tracking and daily activity levels. Apple Watch debuted with workout and activity tracking functions that track your movements every day, but these functions are useless without the paired iPhone. Activity app is set by default to iPhone and if you have Apple Watch it displays information gathered from them. I would like to see a fully functional version for iOS based on capabilities Apple Watch that detects activity when you are standing and tracks your parameters such as steps and calories burned without relying on Apple Watch.

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