10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

The holidays are approaching, and you know what they bring with them: cold weather, New Year's decorations and, of course, buying gifts. We will not be able to help you with the first two points, but we are always glad to offer you great ideas for gifts. This time we have made a selection of gifts for owners for you Apple Watch.

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Belkin MFi Valet Portable Charger

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

Everyone knows that a portable charger is a great gift. And for the owner Apple Watch, Belkin Valet charging is just the perfect gift. It is about the size of a Snickers bar and has a capacity of 6700mAh. You can charge Apple Watch with this charge up to 8 times. The charger has MFi certification, which means Apple approves it. In addition, it has a magnetic charger for Apple Watch, USB port, micro USB port and LED indicator.

Buy $ 87

Vintage stand for Apple Watch Elago W3

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

The Elago W3 stand looks like a vintage Mac. Insert your Apple Watch into it and the 'computer' screen will light up. The stand supports all models Apple Watch and Nightstand mode with watchOS 2 and newer. There is no charging cord included, but the stand supports the standard cord that comes with the watch itself.

Buy for $ 10

Twelve South TimePorter Case

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

TimePorter Twelve South Case is one of the best gifts for smartwatch owners from Apple. The beautiful case is available in black and white and holds Apple Watch, a charging cord, an adapter and an extra wristband. In addition, it can act as a stand.

Buy for $ 40

Catalyst Waterproof Case

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

Yes, Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 are opaque in themselves, but owners of the first model can gift a Catalyst case. It is very reliable and does not wear out over time. In addition, it is made in a sporty style, and in it the watch will look like a Casio G-Shock.

Buy for $ 60

Sleeve Cover Twelve South

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

The Twelve South ActionSleeve fits around your arm. It is perfect for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The ActionSleeve is easy to put on, very comfortable and has a cutout on the inside to measure your heart rate.

Buy for $ 30

TYD LoO Smart Watch Carry

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

If you travel often, you know what to take with you Apple Watch is not very convenient. You need to store the cord and adapter for charging somewhere, as well as a few additional bracelets. Fortunately, there is a TYD LoO case. Its dimensions are 22x19x4 cm, but it can accommodate all of the above and up to 12 additional bracelets.

Buy for $ 35

Leather bracelet Nomad

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

The Nomad leather bracelet comes in a classic brown color with a black buckle and is great for Apple Watch. And thanks to the special leather, the bracelet will only look better over time. It will be a great gift for someone with a classic style.

Buy for $ 60

Smatree SmaShell Case

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

For those who often need to charge their Apple Watch on the go, we recommend the SmaShell case. This small round case has a 3000mAh battery and a zip closure. He has great reviews on Amazon. The case is charged with a standard charger from the watch, but it also has USB and micro-USB ports, as well as an LED indicator.

Buy for $ 26

Magnetic stand with charging

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

This is an expensive gift, but it will definitely please its owner. The stand looks great, it is easy to use, and it is also made Apple, so there is no doubt about the reliability of the device. In addition, hardly anyone will complain: 'I already have a lot of exercises, I don't need another one!'

Buy $ 79

Wireless headphones AirPods

10 Great Gifts for Owners Apple Watch

You can give freedom. AirPods will be a great addition to any model Apple Watch. And if a person has Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE support, then wireless headphones are the perfect gift. They instantly connect to your device, support commands Siri and provide a comfortable fit in your ear. Includes a charging case. To be honest, AirPods might be the best present this year.

Buy for $ 159

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